Weapons Training

Introduction to Weapons Training (Buki Waza) is offered from 6:00 pm – 6:55 pm Tuesday evenings at the JCC Chicago (Lakeview).

Buki waza is weapons technique, in this case using traditional weapons: the jo (4 foot staff), the ken (sword). Traditional Aikido weapons training includes the tanto (knife).

The skills learned through weapons practice are timing and distance, dynamic movement, kime (focus), intensity and energy extension. These can be invaluable to empty hand technique. As one trains one will see the close relationship between weapons and empty hand training. The benefits of weapons training benefits are beyond measure, and it is part of our Aikido tradition.

Weapons training must always stress safety; a wooden training weapon can injure or kill as easily as a live blade. Always treat training weapons as if they were real, and take pains to observe proper etiquette of handling and use. This will also help you to develop an attitude of seriousness and purpose in your training.